Seahorse SE Plastic Locking Latch Sets

Seahorse SE Plastic Locking Latch Sets

Product Details

You can add Rustproof Plastic keyed tamper-proof locks right on your SE case latches. (The latches and keys are made of plastic).

The assembly for the Plastic locks is molded with ABS resin, one of the toughest materials available. ABS is impervious to temperature extremes and will not become brittle and break in subzero temperatures. These are the best choice to maintain the rustproof properties of our cases.

The Plastic Locking Latches are available for the following cases: SE120, SE300, SE300FP1, SE520, SE540, SE540FP4, SE710, SE710CC, SE710CCX, SE-720, SE720CC, SE920, SE1220.